I read not so long ago about a place within lucid dreams that people claim to have visited. It is called the Crossroads. In a short sentence, it is an area that was imagined by some people on the Internet. They thought about various things to put on this place such as a receptionist ( a blue woman ), various objects and rooms, etc. After establishing a certain basis on what the Crossroads was, they started trying to “go” to that place when they were having lucid dreaming experiences. Some time later, they started moving to that place in their lucid dreams.


You might want to check out the following link before reading my own thoughts on the subject:

Various reports from different people who claim to have visited the place:



Lots of information from, apparently, the people who actually came up with the Lucid Crossroads:



The forum thread from which the Crossroads was created:



Note that it is very possible that other ” dream crossroads ” have been written and talked about over the years. This one could be used as an example for I believe they are all the same in their own way.


It might only be experienced by a very small number of people ( the people involved with the websites and forums mentioned here and there on the page ), but it is, however, fascinating in a way. The most recurring things found in those various dreams by various people are the reception desk, the blue receptionist and the table with the “guestbook” on which you can write and read things ( those things being apparently written by other “guests”. One could easily claim that this is the proof that dreams truly connect to some sort of other reality and that two or more people can communicate through dreams. However, there are some things that kept me from believing this and I will try to explain why.


Recorded areas

In dreams, you will often find yourself in a familiar place. It could be your house, school, working environment, etc. Why is that? Because it is a place you know well enough to recreate with your mind. It’s easy to prove. Right now, you are in front of your computer. Think of, say, the closest bathroom next to you. You know how that bathroom is even though you do not look at it at this instance. You can think of the shape of the bathroom, the things in it, the colors of the wall, your toothbrush, etc. It is recorded in your mind, pretty much like the cache memory in your computer.

It’s the same with the Crossroads. These people recorded this vision with their own mind. They read about it and since it was all about dreams, and that it seemed very special, it made them remember it even more. In this spirit, when they had a lucid dreaming experience they have been able to recreate this environment based on the details given by others ( and whoever came up with the Crossroads concept in the first place ).

Also, a comparison could be made for famous people and character concerning objects found in the Crossroads. Let’s take a random example. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a TMNT fan when I was a kid. It’s almost certain that at least one other kid dreamed about the Turtles. Yet, they have been created in a comic book, right? Well, take for example the Crossroads receptionist. The people dreamt about her because they read about her ( and eventually saw her as you can see in the given link ). It’s the same with the Turtles which have been seen on television. This does not mean, in any way, that they are ” dream beings “.


Supernatural feats

If you read the dreams being told by people, you will notice that they are pretty much always in control of their actions and they also are the most skilled and most powerful in their dreams. If they would truly connect with others within dreams, they would find equals. Other people would fly and execute other supernatural feats found in lucid dreaming. This is another proof that the Crossroads is but a simple creation of the singular dreamer. If I ever find myself at the Crossroads… And it could happen even if I do not believe in it to be another plane of existence because I myself have “recorded” the place within my mind already… Well, if I ever find myself there, I will probably try and execute the largest, most devastating beam ( see “How to fight in dreams” ) in order to see if the next “Crossroads visitor” finds the whole place utterly destroyed.


Language barrier

It’s rare to come upon characters within dreams who actually talk another language than our own. I myself am a french Canadian, and although I do encounter english speaking people ( because I speak both french and english pretty well ), I never came upon, say, German people as much as french and English people. Why? Because my brain simply does not possess the knowledge to create words it cannot understand on a daily dreaming basis. It happened ( in this blog you can see that I had a dream with a Japanese woman speaking a fluent Japanese I did not understand – yet it seemed totally coherent ), but as I said, if you connect with other humans within dreams, you should be able to meet various people who do not speak your language.

In this spirit, if the Crossroads were something else than the dreamer’s own interpretation of the place, it would be a worldwide dreaming phenomenon known for centuries and centuries like lucid dreaming, nightmares, etc. Apparently, the Crossroads is only visited by english speaking people… Well, if the Crossroads is truly something else than an ordinary dream world, then they are racist bastards!

But seriously, the only weakness for this most realistic approach would be that we could only connect and “meet real people” in dreams when they are nearby. It could be a few miles away or something. Or maybe it’s in your blood – your ancestry. But it is a very feeble argument if you want my opinion.


The similarity between Crossroads and virtual chats

This is a bit touchy, perhaps, but I believe this is another point that could prove that the Crossroads do not exist. You see, the whole Crossroads concept is very similar to different virtual chats and virtual games known as Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games ( MMORPG ). To go to the Crossroads is very similar to loginin to whatever site or server and joining a community. The guy who “created” it actually added some rooms and activities you can do at the Crossroads, just like an admin would add material to the chat or game. When you login in a game you find yourself at some area where everyone “spawns”, same thing for the Crossroads. There is the blue receptionist who is a creation of the dreamers, pretty much like a computer controlled character within a game.

All of this, in my opinion, is not typical of a real dream “world”. The creator of the Crossroads ( I do not remember his name ) is putting limits and borders to his world while dreams do not have limits and borders. He adds specific things to his Crossroads as if he was God or something, which seems to me to be, sorry for being harsh here, a typical megalomaniac behavior found very often with people who practice things such as wicca, tarot, new wave magic and also by people who claim themselves to be mediums, make astral travels at will, etc…. If this dream world truly existed, it would not be ruled by a single guy because the other “visitors” would be as lucid as he is and they would manipulate the environment and create their own objects, rooms, everything.

In this way of thinking, it is impossible, in my opinion, to believe in the Crossroads as it is presented in the websites I have shown you at the beginning of my article.


My conclusion

I must admit that this is my most definitive article in which I clearly put my opinion to the point of showing that I clearly do not believe in the true existence of the Crossroads as it is being presented by those people.

I do not believe dreams can be shared with others at will, nor do I believe there is a place where you can go within dreams in order to meet real dreaming people. However, I believe there is more to dreams than what people might believe. I often said that. In Buddhism, it is said that reality is one of the many realms of existence and that there are many others.

The 10 spiritual realms: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_spiritual_realms

The 6 lower realms ( some more details ): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_realms

If you read those articles, you will notice that many states sound a lot like dream states. Nightmares and hell, lucid dreaming and heaven. Perhaps is Buddhahood a complete and ever-ending lucid dream? Who knows. It is a possibility. But one must not concentrate on one single possibly. You must consider everything, you must open your mind. I am not promoting Buddhism. Although it is my favorite religion at this point in my life, I am not yet ready to be a Buddhist for I know I did not learn/see everything yet. I suggest that you do the same and consider each and every windows that relate to dreams in a way or another.

I believe you can attain higher lucid dream skills through individuality. It’s like meditation. Meditation with others usually disturbs your concentration. Through individuality and simplicity, you concentrate much more on whatever you are doing. It’s hard to do a homework when someone else is nearby. My own quote, the thing I often tell myself is this: Simplicity is the key towards perfection. The Crossroads with its characters, objects and rooms, is far too complicated. Concentrate on yourself and try to create the most surreal things. Try to manipulate your environment. Execute feats only a god could execute. Try to be a god. Try to leave your own body. Try not to have a body at all within your lucid dreams. I believe this is the key, if there is any, towards a higher “dream place”.

The Crossroads Experiment

Let’s conduct a little long term experiment, just for fun. I will tell you about a place, I will give some details here and there, and if you have a lucid dream, try to get to that place. I bet one day or another you will.

Description: There is very little lighting in the room. It is a room in which the walls and ceiling are barely seen. There are only three objects in the room: a small, red table and on top of it is an old book with a pen right besides it. I want you to read the book if there is anything written at all, and then I want you to write something in the book.

Also, remember details such as the size of the book and the color of the pen’s ink.

If I am correct, and if those dream worlds do not exist anywhere but in our individual minds, then you will indeed go to that place one day or another if you really want to… but you will never read what I have written in the book, and no one will ever read what you wrote either. Details will differ as well. If you are willing to try this experiment with me, leave a comment. If you ever find yourself in this place in the dream, write another comment and explain in details what you have done within the dream and what you saw. This could be a very interesting study.


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