The greatest introduction to lucid dreaming can be found in a movie called Waking Life. It is about a young man travelling through a series of dreams, having multiple conversations about various themes with different characters and comes to the point where he questions himself. Is he truly dreaming or is he awake? Or is it both? Is the dream the true reality? Is reality, in fact, a dream? A very profound movie, Waking Life was done fully in rotoscoped animation, similar to what Ralph Bakshi did some years ago with movies such as The Lord of the Rings. It was directed by Richard Linklater who later made another movie in rotoscoped animation, receiving, perhaps, even more critical acclaim: A Scanner Darkly.

In this scene from Waking Life, the young man talks with some guys. The first one is offering a very scientific approach to dreams and how they are mistaken for reality. The second one is a philosopher, playing banjo while talking about simple, yet important things related to life. My favorite, the guy with the leather jacket with the changing logos, is the third one, and he acts pretty much like I do when it comes to dreams. He is like a dream junkie, and he explains a lot about lucid dreaming.

What I like about this specific guy, is the fact that he is not searching for any scientific reasons for lucid dreaming. To him, it’s more like a discovery of the inner senses. Something mystical. I also share this kind of thought. However, if you are more interested in the scientific matter, the wikipedia article on lucid dreaming is probably the biggest, most informative page you will ever find on lucid dreaming. The article includes theories on lucid dreaming, the Rapid Eye Movement phase, etc. I know all of these things, don’t bother telling me! In my own article, you may find similar or identical information written in a different way. You may also find totally different, even opposite thoughts compared to the wikipedia article. In any way, I believe that if you view the Waking Life video, read the wikipedia article and then read my own, personal article, you will know more about lucid dreaming than most of your friends. You will also learn about the different aspects of what lucid dreaming is about.

Here is the link to the wikipedia article:

In my article, I will share my own experiences, thoughts and tips about lucid dreaming. It might not be the same for you. The tips I give might not work, the thoughts I have might differ from yours and the experiences will most probably not be the same like yours. With this being said, I believe that you should read what’s under these lines with an open mind.


Lucid dreaming is the greatest experience you will ever find within a dream. It is all about power and control. Everyone of us, even if we do not admit it, crave for power and control. Because of this, the experience can be highly rewarding. Before you unlock lucid dreaming, your mind will issue commands that you will follow without questioning. Because of this, your dreams can turn into nightmares or increase feelings of sadness and despair. Although you will be moving, thinking that you are doing these things with your own will, the fact that your mind still believes that this is reality will impose laws of physics along with other factors found in reality like death, wounds, losing something or someone or being lost yourself. When you unlock lucid dreaming, however, you immediately control everything that is involved in your dream. Objects, landscape, people and many other things will be affected by this. How much control you will have depends on many factors I will talk about later in this article. To put it simply, a simple dream is a game with rules and paths that you must follow. A lucid dreaming experience is like, for video gamers, unlocking a cheat menu where you can change the rules and chose wherever you want to go.

How To Unlock Lucid Dreaming

First, I would say that it is impossible to unlock lucid dreaming, but then, I would say that in a way, you can. First, I will explain what happens where you unlock it, and then I will explain how you can improve your chances of experiencing the lucid dream. Before lucid dream, there is a very short phase that I call “ reality questioning “ where you start having doubts on the reality of the situation you’re in. You must try to find a clue to make your mind realize that this is a dream. This phase does not stay available for long during a dream because a situation within the dream might distract you before you complete your questioning.

The following experiences might unlock lucid dreaming. These are the cornerstone effects that will make you realize that you are not in reality. You will find that most of the time, a very action-packed dream will make you figure out that you are within a dream. These are the major factors, in my case, that contributed to lucid dreaming:

  • A totally illogical behavior by another character. The character can act in an extremely stupid way or execute things the reality‘s laws of physics cannot allow.
  • To first find yourself in an area and then finding yourself in another area without moving. Teleportation.
  • To be assaulted and trapped by an adversary.
  • While fighting an adversary.
  • While running away from something for an extended time period.
  • As it is said in Waking Life, you cannot change lighting in a dream. Switching a light, on or off, is impossible. You will do it, but the lighting remains the same
  • Even if I have never read anything similar, I have never experienced wind pressure in dreams ( although other objects do ) and it led to lucid dreaming on some occasions where the wind would appear very strong and I would not be affected by it.
  • To suffer from wounds that would kill you in real life, not feeling any discomfort, and to stay alive. To be physically hurt and finding out that it doesn’t hurt in any way can lead to lucid dreaming.
  • The physical transformation of yourself or someone, or something else. Change of shape, basically.
  • Text, small characters and numbers never stay the same, or are impossible to read. Digital numbers on clocks and watches often bear strange characters that cannot be found in reality.
  • Mirrors are not reflecting at all, or are reflecting an image that is not as it should be.

Every time you unlock lucid dreaming, a thought will immediately pop up in your mind. Just like in the Waking Life video, it will be like ” Hey, man, is this a dream? “. You will then engage in a series of tasks to improve the situation of your dream. Most of the time, you will take on something or someone physically. You might fight with someone or some people. I recommend that you read my page about fighting in dreams to learn more about my tips on how to beat an enemy in a dream.

Things That Happen Within Lucid Dreams

Basically, it’s up to you. Anything can happen. You can kill, you can give life, you can even have sex ( and let’s just hope that you don’t have a partner in reality when that happens )! Your mind and your desires are the key here. You might find out that some things, even in lucid dreams, will resist from being affected by your actions. In this case, you must remember that what you are trying to affect is a product of your own mind, and that you have absolute control over it. The more you are aware of dreaming, the more powerful you will be.

How To Keep On Having The Lucid Dream

Most of the time, when you unlock a lucid dream, that means you are about to wake up. This can be most frustrating, because you might not have enough time to execute everything you wanted to. There are two known ways, once you woke up, to go back to the same situation, still lucid dreaming. The first, most effective way for me, is to switch sides. If you wake up on the left side of your body, turn to the right side and then go back to sleep. You can also rub your hands together, but my rates of success were not as high as the switching way. In any case, you must do this as quickly as possible before you are awake enough to know that you are… awake! This sounds funny, but when you think about it, don’t you ever wake up while still thinking you are within a dream for some seconds?

To Improve Chances Of Having A Lucid Dream

There are some dreams in which the situations evolve so quickly that you don’t have the time to think about it as being a dream. I believe no one has been able to control all of their dreams. However, I truly believe that, with the list I gave earlier along with the continuous, almost daily telling and writing of one’s dreams can improve the chances of having a lucid dream. Perhaps, as the generations come, and if they try to improve their lucid dreams as well, our evolution process will grant humanity more chances of having lucid dreams. If you are interested in having more control over your dreams I recommend that you either find someone to be your confident and to tell this person all of your dreams or to start a dream journal, whether it be on paper or in a blog such as this one. Also, if you believe you are talented enough, drawing and painting of situations experienced in dreams can also increase your chances of awareness within a dream. It’s like memory. You usually keep certain situations in your head because you tell them to people many times over the years during conversations.


Lucid dreams are very powerful. When you come to actually create things and change the shape of things within a dream, it raises many questions on reality and life and creation. What if we had been created within a lucid dream experience? What if life, reality itself was the dream or someone, something? What if, in each and every dream we have, we create some sort of universe?


Complete list of things I’ve been able to do within lucid dreams at least once:


Passive Abilities:

– Create various objects at will.

– Fly slowly at about a maximum of 10 feet high. I usually lose the ability after some time.

– Run at extremely fast speeds to the point that my vision becomes blurry.

– Generate wildlife as well as plants ( including trees ).

– Shape the world itself without touching it ( raising mountains, destroying rocks, creating water, etc ).

– Walk through matter ( walls, closed doors and other similar things )



Aggressive Abilities:

( See this article of mine for more info: )

– Drain other people’s energy with my hands with physical contact. Some sort of vampirism. I usually feel a small, yet ever present raise in overall energy.

– Generate yellow and red beams which varies in size and damage.

– Generate small energy balls, varies in size and damage.

– Establish a state of ultimate, infinite power ( mostly strenght and speed ) through ” kaioken “ attack. I sometimes create beams afterwards as well. Creates an overall state of invicibility.

– Spawn clones of myself ( although they do not do much, they serve as an “intimidation tool” )

– Generate an energy shield to prevent from being “hurt”.

– “Becoming” the Hulk, Superman, Flash, and some other heroes in order to fight adversaries. I’ve been able to generate spider web as well, just like Spiderman does.


One Response to “Lucid Dreaming”

  1. Breadbassed Says:

    Thanks for this, i have had a couple of lucid dreams. Generally i fly (i also lose the ability after a while). It’s a truely awesome experience, there are a few of the factors of dream realization i hadnt thought of. Hopefully these will help me.

    I also heard that you should decide what you want to do in your lucid dream while you are awake, in your conscious mind. This will make it easier to carry on the lucid dream rather than fall back to normal sleep again once you have realised you’re dreaming.

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