What made me create this blog was a dream I had about a month ago ( in march 2008 ). It was a most different dream indeed. I was not in my own dream, or at least I wasn’t aware of my own physical body being in it, and I was looking at what seemed to be a very huge forest with high mountains, some wild animals such as a couple of mooses and flying ducks. There was a relatively big lake in the middle of the ” canvas ” of my dream and most fascinating: I could see many clouds. I usually do not see clouds in my dreams. To say the least, this was a dream about some sort of personal conception of heaven I’ve had for many years.

At first, I did not really know what to do. My mind has never been able to make this dream a lucid one, and all I could do was stare at the scenery. At some point, I figured out that the ducks kept on flying over and over. Each and every time they would go to the left, they would come back to the right. The clouds would also go to the left and come back to the right side in the same shape as they were. The whole dream was like a huge movie screen without its borders.

When I woke up, I knew that this dream was somehow different than the others and it was until I had breakfast that I realized I had a full 360 degrees view of a world within a dream. There is a scene in the movie Waking Life ( see my page on lucid dreaming to watch it ) where a character talks about the 360 degrees dream. Although he might be refering to another kind of dreaming, it seemed to me that I had been experiencing it.

However, there is another way that the 360 dream could have been. And it initially was my own conception of such a dream until I had the one I’m talking about. You might have seen such a thing on the internet. There are some websites, for example, which allow you to visit popular touristic places like Le Louvres in Paris or the Roman Colisseum. Through such websites you are allowed 360 degrees views of the places because someone took multiple photographs of the area and stitched them afterwards to provide a 360 degrees view of the place. That was how I thought the 360 degrees view was… But my dream was different.

 My dream was more like, as I said, a movie screen. Each and everytime any objects would cross the border, they would come back on the other side of it. There is a scene in Matrix Revolutions that is exactly the same as in my dream. Neo is stuck in a subway station. He tries to run away by going to the left, and then he finds himself teleported in some way at the other side, to the right. It was exactly like that.

Later, I remembered something else that was exactly like in my dream. Believe it or not, it was in Super Mario Bros 2 in the NES, Nintendo Entertainment System. The second installment of Super Mario Bros had a small story involving Mario having a DREAM and opening a door. Then, the games starts and the character you are playing ( it can be Mario, Luigi, Toad or the Princess ) finds itself in a mysterious world. The first level has that same kind of limits as in my dream and in Matrix Revolutions. If you character goes to the left border of the screen, it will come back to the right side. I am tempted to believe that the man who created the storyline and the level had a dream like the one I had myself.

Whether or not if it was a 360 degrees dream, the whole thing was very calming and relaxing to me. It seemed to me like I was in total control of what was going on, yet I did not need to interfere in any way to prove it to myself. Nothing special happened during that dream. The only thing moving were the ducks, the trees, the couple of moose and some high grass areas. The water on the lake, however, was very calm. The clouds were white. The whole thing truly was something ressembling very closely to my own conception of heaven, as I said, and because of this, it lead me to believe that this dream was some sort of cornerstone, in a way. I do hope to have other dreams like this one in the future, but because it is new to me, I do not expect it to happen soon.

If you’ve had a similar experience while dreaming, I would be very interested to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!


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