On only one known occasion I have dreamt almost the same thing as my best friend during the same night. This phenomenon and/or coincidence occurred during summer while I was 17 years old. I will describe the dream, then I’ll offer my own conclusion. Note that my best friend never talks about his own dreams. This was one of the few times he actually told me a dream.


The following was dreamt by the both of us:

I was driving my grandfather’s truck. I knew I had no permit on me. I told my best friend, who was my passenger, that I had no permit. My friend told me I told HIM that I had no permit too. We were driving down a street we both acknowledged as being 8thstreet in our hometown. We also acknowledged that there were no brakes on the truck I was driving. We also both dreamt about the street being in a bumpy, almost cartoony state.


The following is when the dream parted ways:

Me: I went down a highway and lost myself. Fascinating fact: my friend disappeared during that time. I found myself alone in badlands. I then lost a tire and I searched for it until I woke up.

My friend: In his dream, I remained in control of the car. We went to a corn field and many naked girls were running through the corn. He said I almost fell from the truck as I came out of it and I ran as fast as I could and I made love to one of the girls. Don’t blame me for this crazy part!

To me, something truly connected. During that time, we saw each other almost everyday. I didn’t know if we truly shared the dream or if there was just some sort coincidence going on, but to us, it seemed truly magical. One of the most mysterious things I’ve ever experienced, without a doubt. I then searched for shared dreams on the Internet. I didn’t even know such a thing existed ( real or not ). This simple Internet research made me realize some people already had shared dreams. Some were lucid, some not. To me, it was the proof that it was truly real ( in a way or another ). However, some sources seem to claim only lucid dreaming leads to shared dreams. Our own dreams were not lucid ones.

Sometimes you might come upon someone within a dream which seems more real than the others. If you are within a lucid dream, try to make the other characters around you to understand that they are also living in a dream. Try to give personnal informations to this person in order to contact you in some way. Perhaps are we connecting in some way through dreams? Who knows…

Here are some links about shared dreams:








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